The Trace option is an awesome feature in the FILTERiT Tools, which enables you to prepare images for web animation. It is amazingly simple and fast! With FILTERiT5, you can add animation effects to your website with ease. Check out the sample SWF(Flash) animations on this page.

How To

After using the Trace option to duplicate objects along a path, Illustrator’s Release to Layers command can prepare the image for animation. *You can also achieve the same result by holding down the Command key while releasing the mouse button. Each object created by a FILTERiT Tool will be placed on a separate layer. Then Export and save the file as SWF(Flash). From the SWF(Flash) Format Options palette, select as the option: “AI Layers to SWF Frames” and that is it!

Got Flash?

If you do not currently have the Flash plug-in or Flash Player, visit the Adobe.