Site Licensing for Xtream Path 1.6.5

Thank you for your interest in site licensing Xtream Path.
The site licensing program starts from 10 units or more. You will receive 10% off for an order between 10 and 19 units, 20% off between 20 and 29 units, 30% off between 30 and 39 units, 40% off between 40 and 49 units, and finally 50% off for 50 units or more. Please see chart below.

XP-10-10 Xtream Path 1.6.5/10-19 units
$125.10 per unit
XP-10-20 Xtream Path 1.6.5/20-29 units
$111.20 per unit
XP-10-30 Xtream Path 1.6.5/30-39 units
$97.30 per unit
XP-10-40 Xtream Path 1.6.5/40-49 units
$83.40 per unit
XP-10-50 Xtream Path 1.6.5/50 units or more
$69.50 per unit

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment options for site licensing.

-credit card (MC, VISA, AMEX)
-wire transfer

You can order by e-mailing to

Your order should contain the following:

1) Company name
2) Contact person
3) Address(steet address,city,state,zip code)
4) Country if not U.S.
5) Phone number
6) Fax number
7) E-mail address
8) Name of product(s) you wish to order
9) Number of units(must be 10 or more)
10) Form of payment

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