Grab anywhere on a path

Xtream Path 2 is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator. Drag, stretch, push and pull… you can do a lot with paths using Xtream Path! You no longer have to be constrained to control points when editing paths. It allows you to drag anywhere on a path and edit only the exact location you want. Editing paths in Illustrator is much more flexible than ever before. There is no doubt you will have fun editing with Xtream Path. The latest version 2.5.7 is compatible with Illustrator 2023 version 27.8.


Where is Xtream Path 2?

Xtream Path 2 plug-ins  are located in Tools, Effects, Filters and Window menu. See below.

What’s new about Xtream Path 2?

Blowing Effect:

Blowing Effect applies wind blows to the selected object (path or text or its group) an creates the deformation effect. You can express speeding, melting, and shaving with this effect.

Smart Rounding Effect/Filter:

Input increment value can be selected via Spin (stepper) or the up/down arrow key. It enables minute control over the round corner adjustment.

Smart Rounding can instantly round sharp corners with one click. If you apply the Smart Rounding effect to text, it is as if you have a new set of font. Your original, too! You don’t need to create outlines!!

Smart Rounding can set convex and concave corners individually as well as maximum length. (There are settings for ‘Max. Length along Concave Angle’ and ‘Max. Length along Convex Angle’.) Also, even with large amount of text, it can process as a batch in a blink of an eye. Smart Rounding is the best tool to round off the corner of text.

Live Wallpaper (Crystalline Pattern):

The Live Wallpaper fills a designated area with copies of the selected artwork. The Xtream Path 2 panel offers 17 different patterns of wallpaper, based on the International Union of Crystallography (IUC) standards. The unit from a Wallpaper can be transferred to Illustrator’s ‘Pattern Editing Mode’ and save in the ‘Swatches’ panel.

Live Blurred Path:

Live Blurred Path blurs the edge of the selected object to blend into the background. The position and direction of the blurred area can be controlled from the filled area.

Live Rotate Mirror:

Live Rotate Mirror cuts off specified the area of the selected object and duplicates like mirrored image. It can also include the reflection symmetry based from the rotation axis.



• Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC – 2023 version 27.8


• Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC – 2023 version 27.8

Important news about Illustrator 2023:

Illustrator 2023 version 27.8 compatible version, Xtream Path 2.5.7 is now available!
When using Xtream Path 2 in Illustrator 2020 or later, please use it in version 24.1 or later.

Note: Xtream Path 2.0.1 and earlier don’t work with Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 and CC 2019. If you would like to upgrade, please visit our upgrade store.