What is FILTERiT?

The latest version 5 is compatible with Illustrator 2023 version 27.8. FILTERiT is a plug-in suite for Adobe Illustrator which features unique effects. FILTERiT can stimulate your creative mind. This versatile tool lets you create simple to complex images in a matter of seconds. Some effects are simply impossible to make without FILTERiT. With its easy-to-use features, creating astounding images ranging from simple to complex is at your fingertips. Play around with FILTERiT for a while to discover for yourself the variety of features it has to offer.

Where is FILTERiT?

FILTERiT 5 plug-ins are located in Tools, Effects, Filters and Window menu. See below.

What’s new about FILTERiT 5?

Live Symbol Path:

“Live Symbol Path” is a new Live Effect similar to “MetaBrush Tool” from the previous FILTERiT 4 and inherits some of its features. (“MetaBrush Tool” is now discontinued)

In “MetaBrush Tool,” selected path on a document was used as placed element. But in “Live Symbol Path,” Symbol’s (more than one) instance selected from Illustrator’s “Symbols” panel is used as placed element. The instance will be placed to selected path or text object. Symbol instance can be precisely placed along the outline of path or text object.

Live 3D Path:

Equivalent to features from each transformation menu in previous FILTERiT 4’s “Live 3D Transform” submenu. In the previous version, each transformation style had dedicated menu and panel. In FILTERiT 5, all of menus and panels are unified to a single panel and changed its name to “Live 3D Path”. Transformation style can be selected in the panel, enabling to change style quickly.

Also, the tool to use in combination with this effect, “3D Rotate Tool” has moved to this panel from Illustrator’s Tool Box for better usability.

Live Tiling:

In FILTERiT 5, tile can be placed in offset like bricks.
Tile unit created from Live Tiling can be added to Illustrator’s “Swatches” panel as the pattern. The irregularly aligned unit can be precisely connected.

Live Neon/Border

In “Live Neon,” The luminescent effect can be added around the neon with “Light Emitting” option. You can control gradient curve and contrast. By checking “Auto Stroke Styling” option in “Live Neon” or “Live Border,” the effect will use “Corner: Round Joint” and “Cap: Round” settings.

Live Explosion:

In FILTERiT 5, the explosion can have transparency inward or outward direction, or randomized transparency.

Live Trail

In FILTERiT 5, the names of some parameters have changed. The center of transformation can be displayed by cross-hair guide for better understanding of the relation between parameter changes and the result of control. Also, if the original object is the Grayscale mode, it will be automatically converted to CMYK or RGB color as needed.

Wave Effect/Lens Effect/Warp Effect:

These Effects can be called the Effect version of these Tools. It can apply directly to text object and adjust appearance or change style after using the effect.

Fractalize Effect/Filter:

In FILTERiT 5, the reverse option for horizontal/vertical axis, some other options, and parameters have been added in Generator.
Also, it provides a more accurate result. “Filter” version of Fractalize remains but using “Effect” version is recommended.

System Requirements


• Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC – 2023 version 27.8


• Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC – 2023 version 27.8

Important news about Illustrator 2023:

Illustrator 2023 version 27.8 compatible version, FILTERiT 5.6.5 is now available!
When using FILTERiT 5 in Illustrator 2020 or later, please use it in version 24.1 or later.

Note: FILTERiT 5.0.1 and earlier don’t work with Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 and CC 2019. If you would like to upgrade, please visit our upgrade store.